I have been hitting the bars the last few days and have started to notice a trend. Now I’m sure other guys and to some extent, girls have perhaps noticed this problem too.

the-hills-rolling-stone-magazineWith the popularity of The Hills spreading faster than the H1N1 virus, its funny to see the type of girls that are open fans of this show. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the show, no girl can give me wood like Audrina from that show and her rack is a perfect work of silicone. The other girls are all hot too. Key word, HOT.

At the bar last night, I guess some girls decided to come in for drinks after the show. It was 4 girls who were dressed and talking like the crew from the show. But this is where the similarities ended. Three of the girls were significantly over weight, and the fourth looked like she was a few months early for Halloween.

When you are sitting in booth next to me, one thing I cannot help is the fact that I will be able to hear you talk, especially when its loud. So I got to listen to them say how there are no hot guys in the bar (think again) and two of the girls were having a hard time losing weight…2 seconds later they were ordering a pitcher of beer, wings, nachos, and some dipping shit. I wonder why your diets dont work.

Some of your girls out there really need a reality check. You are not hot and you are not being followed around by a camera. When you dress up and try to wrap a belt around your torso, it should be there to prop up your boobs, NOT to stick out further than your breast because you have a belly big enough to make Santa Clause look like an anorexic.

Be yourself if you have any respect. Stop talking “like” this and “like” that. And dont think you are suddenly higher up because LC got some cream inside her pie on the show and your standards are up. Your in the middle of nowhere USA and have no money and drive a Neon.


I’m sure others have noticed this trend at clubs, bars and coffee houses not just in the USA, but worldwide. Its amazing the audacity some girls have and the fantasy they live in – LC is not your friend, the show is not reality (its scripted).

I am late for my Thai Boxing class so I’ll take my rant out on the bags today…I know I’m not alone.