We all do this shit, I bet some of you are at work using company time and bandwith to look at my site or the other ones for something better to do instead of trying to make more profits for the fat ass board of directors.

Here is the story:

SUPERMODEL Miranda Kerr has come to the rescue of the Macquarie Bank broker whose job is under threat after he was caught on TV checking out steamy shots of her on his work computer.

Kerr has offered to sign a petition to help red-faced broker David Kiely save his job.

“I am told there is a petition to save his job and of course I would sign it,” said Kerr, who is in Australia.

Mr Kiely, who until Tuesday was an anonymous suit, has become a worldwide sensation after footage of him getting caught on TV ogling Kerr’s curves became a YouTube hit.

He was opening emailed pictures of Kerr while behind him a colleague, Martin Lakos, did a live television cross to Channel 7 news.

The international model said she hoped his employer would not come down hard on Mr Kiely.

Banking news website hereisthecity.com yesterday started a campaign urging colleagues to email Macquarie Bank and save Mr Kiely’s job.