This is EXACTLY why women are only given limited roles…they are meant to cook, clean and provide sex when needed. Driving, they are horrible. And once again, add to the list, the act of commiting a robbery…leave it to a woman to be this retarded that you would vote to elect Corky from “Life Goes On” for president.

A gun-wielding woman robbed 11 market customers – and escaped with $6 — yesterday in the desert town of Thermal, according to Riverside County deputy sheriffs.

The holdup happened shortly before 3 p.m. Tuesday at La Chicanita Market along the 88700 block of 70th Avenue.

Armed with a semi-automatic pistol, the woman confronted 10 customers and demanded money, Deputy Herlinda Valenzuela said in a written statement.

“As the suspect walked toward the exit, … she met a patron entering the store. The suspect brandished the weapon … and made a demand for cash,” according to the statement. “The suspect obtained approximately $6 from the victims and left.”

The gunwoman was last seen climbing into the front passenger seat of an old, two-door Honda or similar car. It was black with white spots, witnesses said. No one was hurt.

The robber was a Hispanic woman in her 20s wearing a jacket and a headdress over her head and face. Anyone with information may call deputies at 760-863-8990.

I added the pictures to remind women what they should be doing. Leave the robberies and driving to the men, just dress like those examples above and know how to cook some good food…oh and remember to vacuum under the sofa too…sometimes my Sugar Crisps cereal falls under there.