We all got things we put on before going out to impress the ladies. A good pair of shoes, nice jeans and shirt and a splash of cologne that didn’t come from a bargain bin get points. Ladies are also looking at the accessories. For me, its a collection of watches.

Watches are not really just for telling time. I can look at my cell phone for that, but for some nice shine for the ladies to see sparkle while I try to run my game is an added plus. How many times do you see the players in the club sporting a nice watch? Is it a digital Casio Calculator watch plastic straps? Probably not.

The traser h3 watch is one of many options you can try on your wrist. I probably have collected 12 watches in the last two years and prices have ranged from under a hundred to my newest addition, a Rolex which I paid $3500 for. All have a purpose and situation. Be it for a more upper class bar to something more casual while I’m heading on the beach or college bar. Ladies look for jewelery and this can open some doors this summer.

Like Lil Wayne said…Bling Bling