Live TV can be exciting. Not sure if its always the best idea when you have a guy on spring loaded shoes running toward a moving car on live tv in front of one of the largest German audiences.

Berlin – The 23-year old man injured in a live German TV stunt that went wrong is showing signs of paralysis, the hospital treating him said Sunday.

Millions of horrified Germans watched on Saturday night as Samuel Koch, a 23-year old student, was hit head-on by a car driven by his father, as he attempted to somersault over the vehicle in the country’s biggest television show.

Wearing spring-powered stilts on his feet, Koch had appeared to brush the car in mid-air, lost his balance and slammed against the ground where he lay lifeless. The rest of the variety show, Wetten, dass…? (I’ll bet that…), a 29-year old TV institution, was pulled off air.

The future of the multi-million budget show, which often features major US celebrities, is now in question.

Koch wore a helmet as he jumped. The car he failed to clear was driven by his father.