Its been a good year for some great entertainment. Normally, I’m out at the bars trying to lure some new tail but with some extra cash coming in, I decided to head out with the boys to a concert and found myself bobbing my head throwing up the Roc sign at a Jay-Z concert a few months back after catching a StubHub coupon code back in March.

Taking some time to recover my ear drums, I ended up flying out to Chicago and caught the Hawks in the first round of the playoffs and just scored some sweet seats for the final against some lame team out east.

Before that shit goes down, I’m heading off to the Indy 500 for the first time. The only reason I am going is because its supposed to have some of the hottest women walking around. It has to be a good enough reason to drop $1000 on tickets and hotel.

Its good to be out chasing girls, but I can’t neglect my boys and our time to bond. With one sellout trying to get married this summer, moments like this are going to disappear once the chain is tied around his leg.

Make some plans this summer before it passes you by.