Its been a quiet few weeks for me and with nothing major on the to-do list besides my regular Xbox and MW3 time. This left me browsing the world wide web for something new. What I ended up finding was this new site called uberhumor which I have to admit, had some funny photos, videos & pictures that easily killed a good hour of my day and left me laughing harder than an episode of American Dad.

For those at work, you are probably trying to make that clock run a little faster before you can punch out and crack open a beer on your drive home. This site has it all. There is something on the site for everyone – old school humor, demotivational posters, fails of the day, shocking Facebook and mobile phone conversations and much much more.

The Facebook conversation ones pretty funny (along with the iPhone convo fails) since they are real and even the best comedians couldn’t make that stuff up.

New photos and videos are uploaded daily so bookmark the site and stop by for something new each day. Some days you will find more uploads and maybe even a few of them re-appearing on your buddies’ moms Facebook account, well now you know where she gets them from and can give to her like you wanted.