I’m always looking to find something different, something new to do while my girl is out working the pole for some cash. Playing my Xbox 360 is great but when I’m away getting a some work done, at court, waiting for my food, or at the gym, I can’t take this thing with me. Music is great sometimes, but the same crap on the radio and Pandora app is killing me. What I’ve found is better. Its an array of online games that are found at RocketGames.

With a whole site filled of flash games, most smartphone will easily load up a quick distraction while those of us with iPhones can still have fun with the growing list by just searching. Put iPhone in the search box which will give you a list.

I’m stuck in the Action section. I get my Call of Duty fix with shooting simulators which has me keeping mentally sharp.

The quality of the Flash Games are from basic old school to modern and more fast moving. This means there is something for everyone and of all ages to enjoy.

Nothing to download. Nothing to pay. Skip iTunes or the Android market and pick your poison on RocketGames.