So my show off of a friend who is a lawyer asked me to put this page up as a heads up.

murdererUnless your totally retarded, you know this is for entertainment purpose only. I am a professional at being unemployed who is lucky enough to make money day trading with my own money. I have my own house so can really do whatever I want.

You should not try to imitate me. Yes, 99% of my life is a joke, but again, I under no circumstances want you guys trying to replicate the shenanigans that take place. Enjoy the site, but know that I take zero legal responsibility for what you end up doing.

Enjoy the site, comment away, tell me I am an asshole, its all fine. Just remember that not everyone is lucky like me to have found a 100K/year career doing squat. So stay in school. I don’t want to have my tax dollars going towards your unemployed ass since I already personally support a few degenerates that sleep in my livingroom.

Unless my lawyer friends needs me to make changes, this is my disclaimer.

Also, all my writing is my property. Any thing you want to link on your site, have the decency to quote the site. If I find out other wise, I will bash your website and eat donuts while you sleep.